Northstar Legal Group Consumer Litigation Defense

Millions of people across the country are struggling financially. In fact, a recent news report brought the economic crisis into sharp relief, revealing that more than 7 million Americans are significantly behind on their car payments. This precarious financial position could put people just a few paychecks away from financial disaster, with repossession, bankruptcy and lawsuits as real possibilities. If you’re facing consumer litigation, Northstar Legal Group can help.


Consumer Litigation

Creditors often turn to litigation when they are unable to collect debts. They file a complaint with the court, and you’ll be the defendant along with any cosigners on the debt.

Many creditors will file complaints not just for the amount you owe but also interest, attorneys and court fees. You’ll be served with a copy of the petition as well as a summons, which tells you when and how you can respond.

While some people opt not to fight consumer litigation, failing to respond or fight back can cost you. You might end up with a judgment that will cost you your home, your savings and even your paycheck. With Northstar Legal Group on your side, you can protect your property and get back on track.

Defending Consumer Litigation

Receiving a summons can be a scary experience, but our experts at Northstar Legal Group will walk you through the process. Don’t delay: You need to respond quickly because the case will move forward with or without you. Our attorneys will protect your rights as the case proceeds. We can help you build a strong defense, including:

  • Violation of the statute of limitations
  • Improper service
  • Lack of standing
  • Failure to credit payment

Each of our client’s situations is unique, so we’ll determine the best defense for your case going forward and identify any ways your creditors may have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Consumer Options

When you’ve received a summons from a debt collector, you can choose the best way to respond based on your situation. If you acknowledge that you owe the money, you may receive a summary judgment, which means that you will be responsible for paying the debt. If the creditor lacks evidence such as documentation, we can seek to have the case dismissed. We can also mount a defense against the claims if appropriate, and you’ll go to trial to present your case.

The most common result of creditor litigation is debt settlement, and it can be beneficial to you as well as to your creditor. If you opt for debt settlement, our legal experts will negotiate with the creditor to ensure the best terms for you.

Northstar Legal Group

Just about any kind of consumer debt can be subject to litigation, including car loans, medical bills, payday loans and credit card debt. While facing a lawsuit from creditors might feel overwhelming, you don’t have to do it alone. Northstar Legal group can help you respond, negotiate a settlement, present a case or file a countersuit. With us by your side, you can move forward into a healthier financial future. Contact our team today to schedule a free case evaluation.