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The average American now has consumer debts equal to 25 percent of their annual income and spend about 10 percent of their wages every month paying down that debt. If your debt is spinning out of control, there is hope. Northstar Legal Group represents consumers who are facing enormous debt burdens. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help you achieve financial freedom and a better tomorrow.



The law protects your right to debt relief through bankruptcy. There are two primary bankruptcies for private individuals: chapter 7 and chapter 13. Each chapter is designed to meet the needs of certain consumers, so your case will need to be carefully evaluated to determine the best option for you. Regardless of the type of bankruptcy you choose, you can get a financial fresh start once your debts are discharged and be able to begin rebuilding your credit score right away.

Consumer Litigation

Creditors often go to great lengths to get debts paid. This can include litigation. If a creditor has served you with a summons, you need to act quickly. The court case will proceed even if you ignore it or fail to respond. Northstar Legal Group can represent you and help you find appropriate defenses or determine your best strategy for fighting back against litigation and defending your rights.

FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is designed to protect consumers from unfair, deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. If you’ve been getting harassing phone calls, threats or abusive communications from a debt collector, we can help you take action and stop the harassment.

Unsecured Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation is a popular option when it comes to unmanageable debt. During a typical debt negotiation, you will offer your creditors a single cash payment to fully settle the debt. It will usually be between 20 and 50 percent of the total debt, depending on your finances, the age of the debt and the creditor. Some creditors will accept installments of the debt while others may reduce your monthly payments or interest rate. We’ll help you find a solution that works with your budget.

Getting the Help You Need

When you’re facing insurmountable debt, you might also be dealing with anxiety, stress and marital problems, and you could be worried about losing your home, vehicles or other personal property. With Northstar Legal Group, you’re not alone. We can help you find the right solution for your financial needs. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free case evaluation.